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The holidays are over, and I can feel the results of my indulgences. On New Year’s Eve I put on a favorite pair of slacks and realized the waistband felt snug. **Sigh**

I know what I need to do. First step is to break the sugar addiction. Yes, addiction – a physical and psychological craving for sweets. It doesn’t help that the holiday season is full of cookies! Treats that should be moderate and occasional have become too frequent. If I don’t make a break from too much sugar, the results can be dangerous. Time to bite the bullet, or at least the vegetables and whole grains! I love good food, so this shouldn’t be a hardship, just a change.

Getting back to my water aerobics class at the YMCA is also at the top of my list. I missed a few classes lately when life became too hectic, and boy, do I feel the difference in my body when regular exercise is missing! I love this activity, so I am looking forward to getting back on track.

Three years ago I made some changes in my life that helped me to lose some weight, which I wrote about earlier in this blog. Keeping off the pounds has been a struggle, but I have mostly managed to do it. My success is due to knowing what my motivation is (I never want my knees and feet to hurt again like they did before) and making good food and exercise choices I can live with and not feel deprived. Losing or keeping off weight truly is about thinking healthy. It is a mindset that can be cultivated; it is about feeling satisfied without over-indulgence.

It is time to revisit the action plan to lose weight that I devised a few years ago, and update it with a few tricks I’ve learned along the way. My body and spirit will thank me!

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