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I am blessed with friends from a variety of backgrounds; thank goodness!  I think it would be so limiting to be part of a group overly similar in age, taste, political persuasion, etc.   When people with a range of life experiences are part of a conversation, they bring an array of perspectives to the table.  Interactions become more interesting and enlightening.

Some of my friends are the children of people I’ve known for years.  They were once the little kids playing in the background at our get-togethers, but who are now adults themselves.  I guess they are my second generation friends.  It is enjoyable to see them come into their own.

I want to bring to your attention the exquisite photography of my second generation friend, Ashley, a gifted artist, who is receiving national recognition for her work.  Visit her blog at: http://bottlebellphotography.blogspot.com

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