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We like to think we are in control of our own time and energy, but sometimes life’s unexpected events cause us to shift priorities and put our own pursuits on the back shelf.

In the past couple years, the illness and passing of some of my family members have taken precedence in my own life. It was a gift to be a caregiver (along with my sisters) for my mother before her death last winter. I mourn Mom every day, and also smile at the good memories we built over the many years we shared.

I have gradually taken back the reigns of control over my own being. In the past couple months, my Realize Your Dreams book-in-progress made it back to my writing desk. I updated it per suggestions made by my editor long ago, added some content, and sent the manuscript back to her for a final editing. I plan to self-publish it as an electronic and print-on-demand book within the next few months.

I am more aware than ever how important it is for me to take writing classes to keep me moving forward.  This summer, I attended a “Writing in the Garden” workshop taught by Angela Foster and Candace Simar. I have since completed one class and just started another one, an online class, at The Loft Literary Center, a marvelous resource for writers.

In order to keep motivated and productive, I will continue to take classes – to stay committed to doing what I want to do – write books!

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“A 1980s love story on two wheels, with adventures and great scenery.”
That is how I describe my first e-book, a memoir titled Traveling Together: Cliff and Me and the Motorcycle Makes Three. I am thrilled to announce it is now published and available in the Amazon Kindle store.

I met Cliff in 1981 and we married a year later.  We took several motorcycle trips together — to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, the Black Hills, Door County, and Colorado.  Our adventures during those journeys are the basis for this book. At 20,000 words it is a quick read.  

I hope you will consider taking a “look inside” at the link (book title) above.  Let me know what you think!

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2012 comes to us with opportunities and probably some baggage.  What will the year ahead bring? Or, maybe a better question is: what will each of us bring to 2012?  How will we navigate the highs, lows, waves, sunny skies and whirlpools?

I have taken the first step to write my life’s next chapter:  I resigned my job this week.  Am I crazy? In this economy?  At my age?  I am not ready to retire.  But I have enough self-awareness to know when I am in a situation that is not right for me.  I am ready to change direction.  And I am well aware that I am more fortunate than many because I have a partner (my wonderful husband) who supports this move.

As I pursue job openings that look like a good fit for me and my qualifications, I will spend my time working on my own projects:

  • Develop myself as an artist, doing the coursework in Julia Cameron’s book: The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity (see Resources section).
  • Research what is needed to self-publish a Kindle book.  I am writing a guide encouraging midlife women to live with pizzazz!  I’ll provide more information as this project grows.
  • Revitalize and rework this blog to become the platform for my new thoughts and endeavors.  I’ll remove some old blog entries and write some new ones.  Some of my previous posts will be revised to become part of my book – along with a whole lot of new material I’ve been working on.
  • Tackle some home projects that have been put aside for too long – organize and declutter my home, cook healthy meals, commit to financial planning, and more.
  • Lest this become too much of a “To Do” list, let me add the more unstructured ways I want to spend my days: painting, dreaming, writing poetry, making connections with other people – in person and online, and learning – always learning.

What will you bring to your 2012?

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