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I am one of the faces of real people behind the sky-high unemployment statistics this year.  I have been looking for a new job, but as anybody who is doing the same can attest, it is difficult to make progress in this environment. Many of us in the midlife age range are concerned that hiring managers may not recognize the value we can bring to their organization.

I spent the past two days at a workshop on “Creative Job Search” (sponsored by the State of Minnesota) and was very pleased to receive helpful suggestions and strategies.  Besides the valuable information about resumes, interviews, online searches, etc., I especially appreciated the facilitators’ positive approach to midlife workers.  One said that many employers are passionate about 50+ workers because they bring a background, a reference point for making vital decisions, with them into a job.  As older boomers retire, there will be gaps in knowledge, and experienced workers are needed to bridge those gaps. I am happy to hear that!  I am enthusiastic to find a job that is the right fit for me, and for an employer who needs what I can bring to the table.

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