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In the past two weeks, my husband and I have lost three family members.  All were from the generation ahead of us.  As we mourn their passing, we also celebrate their lives. We enjoy the company of family from near and far away.

It is a reminder to me that our time here on earth is fleeting, and the end can come quickly. It is too easy to go with a daily routine, and let the simple pleasures slip away. Don’t put off fishing, or hiking, or getting together with friends, or teaching a kid something new (or letting a kid teach us something new!) It is important to find the joy every day, living a fully realized life and being a positive influence on ourselves and others.

Take time to see and appreciate Aunts, Uncles, and others who have come before us, and helped shape who we are. Enjoy the company of friends and family, young and old, who we are blessed to have in our lives. Remember to show the love.

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