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I am reading my way through the new issue of National Geographic magazine, titled Women – A Century of Change. (November 2019).

Early on, it asks thirteen contributors the question, “What is your greatest strength?” The topic itself intrigued me. For this writing, I reworded that question to ask, “What is your superpower?”

My superpower? My curiosity. I am a lifetime learner. I have a thirst to understand how the world works, especially the human element. Communication. Art. How people live worldwide. Politics. Food. Health. Families. Friendships. And so much more. Theses are the subjects that feed me, drive me, cause me to take classes, participate socially, and enjoy life.

I look at what I choose to do now that I am a retired from the workplace. I attend writing workshops and have developed a new network with writing peers and teachers. I travel internationally. I love to read and gather information from many sources. I wrote two books. This is my life, heavily influenced by my superpower of curiosity, and my interest in communicating and sharing life stories with others.

What is YOUR superpower?

Recently I read something (probably on Facebook – I don’t have a quote or source) to the effect that your difference is your superpower. I love that. What sets you apart from the crowd? What is it that calls to you? How do you see your place in the world or in your own circle?

Please comment. We learn from each other. I would love to hear about your superpower.

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