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I love to check out other blogs geared to midlife women, and I found a gem that I want to share with you.  Here is a link to: Feisty Side of Fifty/ Baby Boomer Women.  The perspective you’ll find there complements the midlife transformation theme of choosing to live the life we want to be living, and taking action to make it happen.  A positive self-image and attitude toward our current age and condition (and good humor!) is essential to creating our own destiny rather than letting others define us. 

 One of the “Feisty Side” posts I especially related to was Women Over Fifty – Rockin’ On Forever. When I am in the car and the all of a sudden Hey Jude, Satisfaction, or Layla comes on the radio, I know that I’ll go through the rest of the day with a smile on my face and rocking music in my soul. What songs transport you to your inner rocker?

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